Loyalist Regiment

DeLancey’s Westchester Chasseurs (Light Horse) NY

Patriot Regiment

Horse Troop of Sudbury Companies of Minute and Militia MA

Individual Historical Figures

  • LTC David Humphreys, Aide de Camp to General Washington (Official Interpreter for the Humphreys Homestead, Derby CT)
  • MG Nathanael Greene (Official Interpreter for the Greene Homestead in Coventry RI)
  • The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow (Official horsemen for Sleepy Hollow NY)
  • General Howe
  • General Clinton
  • General Washington
  • Drs. Samuel and Abel Prescott, Alarm Riders
  • Captain Nathan Hale
  • LTC Thomas Knowlton, Knowlton’s Rangers
  • LTC Tarleton, Tarletons Legion
  • LTC Simcoe, Queen’s Rangers
  • Capt/Col James DeLancey, Westchester Chasseurs
  • George Inmann Gentleman Volunteer, Cambridge, MA
  • Dragoon Troopers – British QR/DeLancey’s, American Second Light Dragoons
  • Civil War Cavalry (Union)
  • Early 20th Century Fox Hunters
  • German WWII Cavalry
  • Viking Horsemen
  • Other Historical Portrayals as Required